What if beauty was on the outside
the sores of the soul visible to all
Would we then, in pursuit of beauty,
work to heal wounds, salve burns,
sew up the things that cut us to the heart

Would we become so used to seeing suffering
that it would be -dare I say it?- acceptable
to attempt to staunch the flow of blood
that trickles from a new wound
Would we become accustomed to knowing
when we’d hurt a friend
by the bruise that appears on her cheek

Would it be acceptable to see one’s own hurt
and work to heal it oneself
Or would we simply invent new ways
to cover it up
the make-up and stockings
of an inside-out generation

Look Up, My Love

Look up, my love
and see the bright moon
hanging there
as if it were
a lantern
made of all the
glowing thoughts
I’ve had of you

Though I know not
if you will look upon it
from the east
or from the west
still you will see
the love I’ve saved
for you
alight among the stars
each night

Look up, my love


In a small boat
afloat on an inlet sea
I see the wind
scallop the waves
with tiny white bubbles
It cools my cheek
with the same vigor

On an adjacent shore
wild, red roses
adorn a trellis of sorts –
a rock wall
lacy with age
and covered in moss
looks a little like Christmas
and a lot like blazing summer

The breeze rustles serrated leaves
then rushes to caress my skin
teasing my clothing
to come and play

But it does not fill
my sail too full
this breath of the heavens
for I am strong
and I am the one
who decides
where I go

So play with me
dance with me
as you will
bright zephyr

I, too, will rise

Thank you, Suzanne, for the prompt!

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It reaches out from within me,
cries, Speak to me!
touch me;shake my hand
pat my shoulder –
to acknowledge I exist
to say I am worthy
of a glance
a smile
Of interaction unencoded

No mere visualization of voice
nor actualization of electric impulses
Prove to me
that we exist together
in this space
this place
this Life

Shake me from
my stupored slumber
and sing to me,
We are here in this place together
we are more, here, now
than we have been
while we were apart
Let us live, then
while we are intangibly more
and tangibly here
Let us live!


Down the sunlit road I drive
toward a travesty of relationship
and a beautiful-hearted, hurting little girl

I must drop off a package
wrapped in the future
and plastic
for a day that marks a first I will never see.

My eyes prick
and my nose runs
But my face remains
and remains

At least she will never know
that my heart has been torn from my chest today
Again, today

The sobs have been pushed down, and down
so the only thing she will see
is my joy of loving her

buoyant bliss in her hugs
crackling joy in each kiss
and a warm lamp for my heart
each time she reaches for my hand