A Letter*

I think we are alike, you and I. Not in look or speech or manner, but in heart and thought and passion. And since I see myself in you and the music of your life, I lay these notes before you: Write your symphony! Come back to your art; to your heart. Keep asking yourself what matters – not with guilt and shame, but so that you know, and so you can follow that path. Use your passion and enthusiasm as fuel to propel you forward, closer to truth, and joy, and purpose.

You will get lost sometimes, and it will hurt like fire and drowning all at once. But you know what? That makes you a human being. You get lost, you make a mistake, you fall. Then you get up, apologize if you need to, and keep going the best you can. Because success is not an option if you don’t also risk failure. You can never win if you don’t risk losing something. And life is not life without both pain and pleasure. To be a whole person, you have to embrace both.

* A longer version of this was originally written in a letter, but I realized I was talking to myself. Posted here because maybe you need to read some part of this, too. ❤

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