A Little Something About Rain

A few mornings ago, I awoke to a monsoon. I stood on the landing outside the front door of my apartment and watched sheets of rain make intricate and ever-changing patterns in the overflow on the pavement.

The wind was intense, but not frightening – more like a lot of people urgently speaking in low voices. I did jump – and then laugh at myself – several times at the thunder and lightning. It was so close it almost had a physical presence!

I took up position in the stairwell and watched water cascade over the eaves, feeling like an explorer in a cave behind a waterfall. The spray was tiny pinpricks of cold on my skin, but it was refreshing instead of unsettling.

It must have been well over half an hour that I just stood, watching the rain, breathing the air with its smell of thunder. I felt vitally alive and profoundly peaceful at the same time. There is something about nature that inspires those feelings like nothing else in the world.

I hope you are getting to enjoy nature wherever you are.

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