Darkness I

Sometimes we can appreciate the darkness
like when we sit in the shade
of leafy branches waving overhead
and finally rest a while –
to stop
from the million-mile-per-hour
pace our brains set for us
because there’s just SO MUCH
in this world

Sometimes standing in someone else’s shadow
is a relief
that escapes our lips and tongue
and people turn to stare
But we are hidden in the wings
shadowed by the spotlight
of someone else’s
intended glory

Sometimes dusk is best
and we breathe
we ease
fold back the covers
and slide between cool sheets
alongside memories of
pillow forts, shadow puppets
and love

3 thoughts on “Darkness I

      1. My pleasure! Oh, I do understand ruts 🙃. “azephyrrose” – tell me what it is, and when it began and what it sounds like when it’s very happy or sad, your choice…maybe. Just an idea 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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